SAP AG is Europe's largest and world's fourth largest producer of software. The main product of SAP R / 3 is now known as SAP ERP Central Component (ECC).

This ERP system was extended in recent years by other new systems such as CRM, SRM, SCM, PLM, or SNC, specializing in the most important business processes. Today, all these systems (components) together with the original, the SAP ERP are called SAP Business Suite. The affected processes were - for customers who have purchased these systems - spun off from the original ERP R / 3 into multiple systems. The result is not only increased demands on the integration, but also the requirements for consultants and users, who now have to deal with many different systems. Currently more SAP AG technologies such as BI solutions, mobile and cloud services are introduced to the market and all of them grow the unwanted complexity of the enterprise architecture further.

Most SAP users face the problem that instead of improving and streamlining existing systems - often under the pressure of the big providers - new systems are acquired, users do not know their functionality or do not need it. These systems can even complicate existing processes. Whether by the emergence of new interfaces or the creation of redundant data.

As an independent consulting firm with over 15 years of SAP experience we are able to design such system settings or to develop efficient customer solutions in SAP ECC without the need of expensive purchases, implementation and maintenance of other complex systems.

Repeatedly is shown that a simple solution right in your core system not only saves millions in licensing costs and the introduction of new systems, but also reflects a positive return in better performance and your business processes. Thanks increased ergonomics, decreased response time of applications and better data quality the implementation costs will be paid back in a few months. Consistently implemented customized solutions does not jeopardize the upgrades or enhancements of the system with other modules.

Areas of our existing solutions:

  • Banking interfaces
  • Automatic clearing of open items after payment
  • Bank statements
  • Price structure and Pricing
  • Preparation of quotations with configurable materials
  • Capacity planning of production orders and confirmation of customer orders
  • Delivery time monitoring and optimization
  • Performance optimization
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