Complex Systems

We solve the problems of complexity during both project management and optimization of IT management processes.

Growth of the complexity of information and communication technology (ICT) is one of the biggest challenges of our times. ICT is now not only an integral part of all major companies and institutions, but also affect the daily life of modern man in many ways. If we compare for example, ten years old mobile phones with current smartphones, we observe on one side a huge increase in functionality and complexity of the user interface and the number of applications and on the other hand, the problems that this causes. Many users do not need most of the features, or are not able to set up and use it. Similarly, in complex web applications such as social networks, where the average user has only a vague idea of what the application is currently in and what's going on with his data. This situation can be critical for enterprises with a complex landscape of ICT.

The complex ICT causes not only huge costs for purchasing, implementation, consulting and maintenance. It also represents a risk for business continuity.

In terms of business it is necessary to consider the total sum of all ICT from ERP, intranet via email to the client on the mobile phone.

Ensure optimal complexity requires not only a good understanding of business and information architecture, but also to identify the mechanisms leading to its formation.

Ilja Holub in Journal of System Integration


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